Reflection Sheet: Food and My Community

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In your opinion, what types of food choices would you like to see in the community…. 
 3 = Important to me2 = In-between1 = Not important to me
01A choice of general supermarkets[ ][ ][ ]
02A choice of ethnic grocery stores (Asian, Latino, etc.)[ ][ ][ ]
03A choice of fast food restaurants[ ][ ][ ]
04A choice of locally-owned (not fast food) restaurants[ ][ ][ ]
05Vegetable markets or farmer's markets[ ][ ][ ]
06Community gardens[ ][ ][ ]
07A choice of small grocery stores or convenience stores within easy walking distance[ ][ ][ ]
Journal Reflection
09Do you think that the way you eat is affected by the food choices in the neighborhood? If your neighborhood has lots of fast food places will you eat more fast food? If your neighborhood has lots of places to buy vegetables will you eat more vegetables?