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Reflection questions, reflection sheets and other assessments for youth programs.

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Reflection - Part 1: Reflection Questions
Reflection - Part 2: Necessary Elements: Tools, Techniques and Time
Reflection - Part 3: What Makes a Good Question?

This page provides resources -- a bank of questions and a bank of reflection sheets and various surveys/assessments for use in youth employment programs, contextual learning programs and other learning experiences. Areas of focus include workplace skills, career exploration, health awareness, environmental awareness and other topics. This page also provides links to articles about reflection and journaling. These are selected from various projects of The Skills Library.

Bank of reflection questions

Bank of reflection questions

Reflection Sheets

Reflection Sheet: Career Values

Reflection Sheet: Competition 1 - Getting Ready

Reflection Sheet: Competition 2 - Looking Back After a Competition

Reflection Sheet: Conflict Management

Reflection Sheet: Exercise and Fitness

Reflection Sheet: Family

Reflection Sheet: Food and My Community

Reflection Sheet: Food and Nutrition

Reflection Sheet: Healthy Relationships 1 - What is Important to You?

Reflection Sheet: Healthy Relationships 2 - Solving Conflicts

Reflection Sheet: Leadership and Public Health 1

Reflection Sheet: Leadership and Public Health 2

Reflection Sheet: Leadership and Public Health 3

Reflection Sheet: Leadership and Public Health 4

Reflection Sheet: Leadership and Teamwork

Reflection Sheet: Life/Work Skills 1 - Your Organizational Style

Reflection Sheet: Life/Work Skills 2 - Your Learning Style

Reflection Sheet: Looking at Statistics

Reflection Sheet: Motivation and Goal Setting

Reflection Sheet: Presentation Skills

Reflection Sheet: Problem Solving

Reflection Sheet: Project Management

Reflection Sheet: Resume Writing

Reflection Sheet: Science Skills and Confidence

Reflection Sheet: Sexual Health

Reflection Sheet: Social Media and Social Networking

Reflection Sheet: Stress and Relaxation 1 - Awareness

Reflection Sheet: Stress and Relaxation 2 - School-related stress

Reflection Sheet: Stress and Relaxation 3 - Strategies

Parent or Volunteer Surveys

Mentor Satisfaction Survey

Parent Survey (Science Program)

Observation Sheets (Completed by mentors / program staff)

Observation Sheet / Leadership Skills

Observation Sheet / STEM Skills

Career Interest Checklists

Checklist: Career Interests