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Contextual Learning Projects often include an opportunity for reflection, with journal writing and reflection writing as a key part of project assessment.

The purpose of the reflective writing is to help program participants to consolidate what they have learned and to expand on their ideas and insights.

Reflective writing is valuable for consolidating your knowledge - reviewing and summarizing what you have learned through the project. This type of reflection is valuable as a foundation for setting future goals and taking next steps related to the topic.

Reflective writing is also valuable for expanding your ideas and insights - using your experience as a starting point for exploring ideas, thinking about trends, and working out your own opinions on various subjects. The topics for these reflections may be very specific or very broad, including reflections on specific skills used during the project experience — such as leadership skills or listening skills or motivation – or reflections on larger trends in school and community issues, technology, job markets and other areas.

What makes a good reflection question that helps writing to flow easily and that helps participants to consolidate knowledge and expand ideas and insights?

Reflection Questions & Resources:
What Makes a Good Reflection Question - From the Guide to Contextual Learning

Project Excerpts

Drury High School STEPS Program
Math Reflection Activity and College Costs

Math Skills Reflection Activity – STEPS 2014


Based on the MobyMax math placement test STEPS students completed on Monday, the highest grade-level placement was grade 7 and the AVERAGE was grade 4.5. That means that the average STEPS student has the math skills[...]

Drury High School STEPS Program
Elevator Speech - Student Reflection

Name: _______________________________________________ Date: ____________


Double Brace: 5th Floor (Be sure to say Thank you for listening.)
As a result of the program I plan to

The TREE (Together Reviving Everyone`s Environment) Project
Reflection and Assessment 1 class periodStudents are asked to reflect on "How do you feel after completing this project?", and "How did you affect your community by planting trees?". Teachers will assess the students on their participation in the project and their reflection of the project. Students view Project Learning Tree you tube v[...]Computer with You Tube access
Heifer International
ReflectionsStudents looked a multiple examples of reflections to get a sense for how to write a thoughtful reflection
EMS Project Runway
Reflection and writingsee attached
Multicultural Arts
Guided Reflection through worksheets and discussionsAt almost every lesson a handout will be given and a discussion led about it. The discussion will mostly prompt the children to gain awareness of the various cultures and identities present in the world and to defy negative connotations sometimes associated with them. The students will begin to app[...]
Pass It On: Artists as Inspiration
ReflectionsAll students will write a written reflection of their experiences.
Pass It On: Artists as Inspiration
Journal reflectionsStudents will reflect and self assess their progress through journal entries
Reading Warriors
ReflectionTime was planned after a return to the CLC site to review and reflect on experiences through discussion and journal writing as a mentor group with the assigned staff helping to guide the flection. This time was used as a strategy session on brainstorming possible solutions to problem areas that had [...]
Building A Community By Giving Back To One
Reflection: One HourAfter the final celebration, students, teachers and site supervisors were asked to take the following survey to provide insight for the coordinators and teachers.
Senior Focus - Senior Service Project
Final Reflection Paper Students were required to write a 3-5 page reflection of the service project once it was complete.
Bullying in Our School
ReflectionsWriting Prompt: What do the results from the online survey administered to students in grades 3 through 7 tell us about bullying in our school community?
Community Garden Project
Self reflectionStudents utilized the brainstorm clouds handout to begin organizing their thoughts.
Community Garden Project
Group reflectionRepresentatives from all three programs both students and staff meet to outline how to continue the garden collaboration next year.
Anti-Bullying Service Learning Club
Self-reflectionStudents completed the previously attached 21st century skills reflection sheet to help them think about their leadership skill development
Anti-Bullying Service Learning Club
Student reflectionAt the last grant meeting,students reflected on and celebrated their accomplishments, and discussed how to continue their work during the next school year.
Greeting Cards for Shriners
ReflectionSee Assessment
Walkin and Rockin for Pets, Were Talkin
Reflection 1 weekPersonal NarrativesStudents wrote about their own pets or pets they wish they had and the importance of caring for them.
Spread the Word!
ReflectionStudents will keep a reflective journal throughout the course of the project and will write a final reflection at its conclusion. Students will also prepare a display board to be viewed at the statewide conference in May as well as the CSL Fair at the June meeting of the school committee.
Turkey Hill Goes Green
self-reflectionStudents were given pre and post surveys for self reflection.
Successful Transitions
informal reflection process for upperclassmen Took place as small group and individually; Students were asked to consider what they learned, and then what they stated was directly linked to the frameworks.
Amesbury Academy Energy and Ecology All-Stars
Self Reflection Students will be given pre and post surveys to record their individual growth over time throughout the projects. Students will journal their reflections of specific components of the project.Students will participate in focus group experiences that allow students to share their response to the resea[...]
Amesbury Academy Energy and Ecology All-Stars
Written reflectionThe student will complete a daily journal entry with data and personal reflections. Creative writing prompts will add to the student`s prior abilities.
Ocean Journey: Discovery through Scholarship and Internship at the Ocean Explorium
ReflectionsInterns were asked to respond in writing and in discussion to various prompts which encouraged reflection on activities
Incorporating Math into the Reading of Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings
ReflectionStudents will answer the question "Do you feel that real crime scene investigators could use your methods to actually solve similar situations?"
Youth Consultants: Exhibit Interactives
ReflectionStudents were asked to reflect on the service-learning experience after visiting the exhibit.
Invisible Children Book Drive
ReflectionsStudents reflected both orally and in journals about the videos they saw pertaining to Invisible Children
Invisible Children Book Drive
reflectionsStudents were assessed on the completeness of their reflection.
Cultivating Service-Learning in an Intergenerational Community Garden
Project ReflectionPost-project reflection of lessons learned and feelings associated with intergenerational garden
Explore Engineering
Formative Assessment: 21st CCLC staff conduct an APT to share with staff for reflection and program improvements.Morning and afternoon site observations to observe components of the program (e.g. greetings and morning meeting, transitions, enrichment activities, reflection time, dismissal etc.). Have staff evaluate themselves and meet with supervisor to discuss areas that are working and areas that need impro[...]
Wetlands/Vernal Pool in Fourth Grade
Preparation for Monthly reflectionsFor many of the monthly Wetland reflections, students are asked to write five paragraph responses about their experiences and observations. In preparation for this goal, students require direct instruction in the steps to writing a longer piece as well as instruction about the format and structure o[...]
Environmental Issues Community Service Leaning
ReflectionsStudents reflect ontheir service to the community.
History Is What You Are Doing Now
Instructional techniques include teacher presentations, peer teaching, student-led inquiry, document review, ongoing discussion/reflection, journals, literature circles, formal writing (Writers Workshop format), and field trips. 1.Take a walking tour of the Great Stone dam and canal to: trace the path of water to power mills from the river to the mills and back; identify mill buildings to research; find out how buildings are used today; how mill buildings have changed over time. 2.Examine resources at the Lawrence History [...]
Service Learning - the course (the course‘s curriculum is attached along with the course syllabus)
ReflectionsThroughout the course the students watch a variety of movies that coincide with the courses curriculum. Following the movie they are asked to write a reflection. The students also do a small research assignment on a current event. Please see the attached documents for specific reflection assignmen[...]
Service Learning - the course (the course‘s curriculum is attached along with the course syllabus)
ReflectionsStudents do informal journal reflections and formal reflections throughout the semester.
Ramp It Up!
Self reflectionStudents will keep journals and review their own individual progress in meetings with their teacher-advisor.
Local Wetlands Inventory
Self Reflection Students will be given pre and post surveys to record their individual growth over time throughout the projects. Students will journal their reflections of specific components of the project.Students will participate in focus group experiences that allow students to share their response to the resea[...]
Local Wetlands Inventory
Written reflectionThe student will complete a daily journal entry with data and personal reflections. Creative writing prompts will add to the student`s prior abilities.
Our Story of the Food Pantry: Community Service-Learning Project on the kindergarten level
Action and reflectionStudents visit the Food Pantry on two occasions. First to document the needs and later to stock the shelves.
Our Story of the Food Pantry: Community Service-Learning Project on the kindergarten level
Reflection 1 weekReflection: We strive to make reflection an on-going process, in which children develop an awareness of the effect they have on their community through drawing, journal writing, role playing and guided discussion. Children generate ideas and talk about their thoughts and feelings respective to t[...]
Raising Awareness of Global Child Exploitation & Abuse
Self ReflectionUsing a variety of pre and post assessments, students will record their individual reflections through art, journalizing, reaction papers, reflective writing assignments and focus group processing.
Raising Awareness of Global Child Exploitation & Abuse
Written ReflectionStudents will be given time to respond in free writing to prompts that involve quotes, case studies and facts.Each phase of the service learning process incorporated formative assessments that guided decision-making regarding the project direction. Weekly class meetings included writing prompts,and [...]
CSL Survey Analysis Project
Self-reflectionStudents graded themselves and their group members on a rubric before handing the project in.
Career Explorations
Reflection by MentorsStudent mentors will reflect upon the service that they are providing to the incoming sixth grade students, demonstrating the value of peer mentoring.
Memorial Day Celebration
Reflections on Memorial DayThe students share their thoughts about the ceremony at the school. The students participate in a discussion about how their towns celebrated Memorial Day and share family activities from Memorial Day week-end. After the discussion the students write an essay on the true meaning of Memorial Day an[...]
Entrepreneurship Work and Learning Program
Reflection-Students were asked to reflect on how they see their role as a member of the business community after learning what it takes to own an operate a business. -Students were asked to reflect on their experience of developing and presenting a business plan that they created.
Auburn Reads: Literacy Through the Looking-Glass of Service Learning
reflectionStudents reflect on project through various strategies introduced by service-learning coordinator. Primary students reflect during group discussions. Parents provide feedback following the viewing of the DVDs at home.
Auburn Reads: Literacy Through the Looking-Glass of Service Learning
mentor reflectionStudent mentors reflect upon the service they are providing to the primary students, highlighting the value of mentoring younger students.
Youth Curators: A Team Approach to Creating Exhibitions
Community Reception and ReflectionStudents are invited to participate in planning, hosting and attending a community reception, seeing firsthand the fruits of their labor and the value of their work as perceived by the public. The team is invited to reflect on their experience. In our case, students also shared their experiencee wit[...]
Intercambio: a Spanish/English service-learning literacy project
ReflectionsStudents will keep a journal throughout the project to record their experiences and responses to targeted questions based on those found in the workbook "A Kid`s Guide to Helping Others Read & Succeed", by Cathryn Berger Kaye, M.A.
Geodesic Dome
Self ReflectionStudents were given pre and post surveys for self reflection.
Exotic Invasive Species and their effect on the environment.
Written ReflectionThe students also completed a written reflection piece at the end of this unit (see `CSLG` Reflection Piece`)
The Student Design Institute
Student Journal - Self Reflection - Self AssessmentStudents keep an ongoing journal of their reflection on the process and products. Each class, students will be given a reflective prompt to frame their thinking about the day.
Interactive Ecosystems
ReflectionStudents will reflect on the project through an online reflection.
Interactive Ecosystems
13. Final Assessment and Reflection 1 periodStudents will be asked to take a final assessment to help teachers gain a better understanding of their individual learning during this team project. Students will also be asked to report back on their use of creativity, as well as suggestions for future iterations of the project. Laptop cart/computers Experience 13 Presentation Final Assessment Student Post-Survey/Reflection
Exploring My Career with Real World Math
Self-reflectionType 2-Collins Method
Exploring My Career with Real World Math
Service Learning Self Reflection

Type II                                                &n[...]

Murals for Morale
ReflectionStudents used the Student Self Evaluation handout to discuss and record strengths and weaknesses of their project implementation and group strategies.
"His-Story / Her-Story"
Self-ReflectionStudents were asked to reflect on their learning and their own perspectives connected to the theme they identified in the literature, "The Color Purple". When closing our formal discussions, we also asked students to reflect on their learning and the topics that were brought up.
Unlocking Opportunity Within the Banking Industry
Day 4 Reflection from Guest speaker. LETS PUT YOU ON A PAGE!! AND MAKE A RESUME!!!Students will write a 3-4 sentence reflection on their thoughts and reaction to the guest speaker on teams. For thought they should consider these sentence starters: 1. After hearing from the human resources manager the most important things I learned about working in a bank is... 2. I am very[...]**short video on Bank Teller Requirements **Draft Resume PDF **Action Verbs PDF **Resume Rubric PDF **Sentence starters provided. **Job description