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Guide to Contextual Learning Projects

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Environmental literacy
Media literacy
Health literacy
Economic literacy
Civic literacy
Computer Technology
Data Analysis
Writing Skills
Creative and Critical Thinking

Writing Skills

Writing in workplace and community settings draws on the same basic writing skills used in classroom settings but with a particular focus on working collaboratively, using particular formats and writing for particular audiences.

Collaboration: Working collaboratively to produce a written product, with project team members involved in planning, outlining, drafting, revising, editing, fact checking, proofreading and formatting the product;

Format: Writing for a particular format, with writing styles that vary for the setting, such as websites, brochures, press releases, news articles or surveys.

Audience: Focusing on the audience, with an emphasis on providing clear information or persuasive arguments, with information presented concisely and attractively.

Contextual Learning Projects. Contextual learning projects provide an environment for students to experience the variety of writing and communication skills used in workplace and community settings. Through contextual learning projects, students might:

  • Write text for a website
  • Design a brochure
  • Write a press release
  • Write a news article
  • Write survey questions for a community survey
  • Create a story board for a video
  • Write text for museum exhibit signs and labels
  • Write a handbook or manual
  • Write opinion pieces on an issue facing the community for a newspaper, website or other media.

Workplace Experiences. Examples of writing in workplace experiences include working on:

  • manuals
  • technical documentation
  • press releases
  • grant proposals
  • newspaper stories
  • obituaries
  • sports reports
  • test and discussion question banks for classroom teachers
  • story banks for newspapers
  • websites
  • form letters
  • letters
  • emails
  • daily logs
  • patient charts
  • meeting notes
  • helping others with their writing
  • working as teaching assistants supporting younger children in story writing
  • working as music production interns supporting musicians in music writing