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Guide to Contextual Learning Projects

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Who is engaged in work related to the theme you want to pursue?

Frontier Regional High School students collaborated as youth curators with the Great Falls Discovery Center in Turners Falls and Memorial Hall Museum to create a new exhibit in a public space on a topic of current interest.

What individuals and organizations in your school and community are engaged in work related to the theme you want to pursue? Are there any organizations engaged in current projects that you might support such as public education, advocacy, communication/media projects or special events?

Who in your school and your community can help to provide community connections, background about the topic, access to primary sources, technical assistance and an audience for your work? Are parents or family members potential partners for the project?

The template used in the Contextual Learning Portal includes questions about who was on the project team, what resources were used and what technical assistance was used. Viewers can browse the portal to see that projects brought together a wide array of resources, such as environmental groups in the community who guided projects; technical assistance that supported video production, podcasting or web design; local museums and historic sites that provide context for projects; and guest presenters who provided lectures, workshops and other support to student projects.