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Future Quest Island - Networking and Mentoring - Mentors Around the World


  • Project TitleFuture Quest Island - Networking and Mentoring - Mentors Around the World
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    Web Link: Map: Future Quest Island "Mentors Around the World"

  • ThemeCareers; Mentoring; Networking. General awareness for middle school students.
  • Submitted ByFuture Quest Island / Lori Cooney, Nancy Hurley, Jennifer Leonard
  • OrganizationFuture Quest Island / Institute for Community Inclusion
  • Brief DescriptionOne of a series of short activities that get students thinking about how to learn about careers from other people. In this activity, students complete a short "do-now" activity about a fictional career mentor from somewhere in the world.

Units / Activities

  • Mentors Around the WorldStudents read a paragraph about a fictional role model from somewhere in the world, such as a hotel manager from Zanzibar, a chef from France, or an eco-tourism guide from Costa Rica. After reading the paragraph, students write a short "question and answer" dialogue.See Activity Sheet or attached document

    View/Download File: Mentors Around The World [Word]

    View/Download File: Mentors Around the World [PDF]

  • Background ResearchStudents conduct background research about the place where the fictional role model lives and about their occupation. Answer the question: What are some of the most common industries and occupations in this location? What is the climate?
  • Teacher-Led Discussion(1.) Review the assignment
    (2.) Talk about the process of learning about careers (gathering information) and imagining what people‘s lives and careers might be like. Explain that this process is useful for writers/producers (books, stories, movies, games). (As well as for personal career research)
    (3.) Discuss: How do writers/producers gather information in order to create realistic stories, movies, games, etc.?
    (4.) Discuss: How do mentors and role models help with the research process?

Activity Sheets

  • Mentors Around the World

    Mentors Around the World


    Pick a random spot on the map and sail to the nearest port marked with a marker. When you get there, click on the marker.  You’ll see a short description of a person who lives and works in that location.  Read the short description and then use your imagination to make up details about the person.  Pretend that the two of you sit on the deck of your ship having a good conversation.  Fill in this chart to show what you’d ask and what you think their answers would be.


    Name of my mentor:


    Where he or she lives:


    Type of work:


    Questions I’ll ask:

    My mentor’s answers:
























    Some suggested questions:

    • What do you like best about your work?  
    • How did you decide to do this type of work?   
    • What were your favorite subjects in school?   
    • What were some of your hobbies when you were young?
    • How did you learn to do this job?
    • What would I need to learn if I want to have a job like yours? 
    • Or make up your own questions…


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