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Future Quest Island - Communication - Signal Flags Activity


  • Project TitleFuture Quest Island - Communication - Signal Flags Activity
  •  /project403_3138/international_signal_flags.jpg
  • ThemeSocial, emotional and ethical skills in support of career development
  • Submitted ByFuture Quest Island
  • OrganizationFuture Quest Island / Institute for Community Inclusion
  • Brief DescriptionThis is a series of 10-minute "Do Now" activities designed to support personal, social and ethical skills related to learning, career development, online safety, goal setting, communication and other life skills. The activities are based on the Future Quest Island program, but some could also be done as stand-alone activities.
  • Materials / ResourcesFuture Quest Island.
    Website with international signal flags.
    Cartoon-drawing software

    Web Link: The U.S. Navy - International Signal Flags

    Web Link: Powtoon Website

    Web Link: Future Quest Island

  • Pre-requisite knowledgeNone

Key Questions

  • Key QuestionsWhat are some of the personal, emotional and ethical skills that support my long term personal and career development? What should I know about goal setting, learning and communication? What are the advantages of having a conversation face-to-face rather than through technology?
  • Connections: How or why was this topic identified? Why is it meaningful?This is part of a lesson about online safety.

Units / Activities

  • Signal Flags and CommunicationWriting prompt: write a mini-short-story about communicating with signal flags.

    (Discuss the advantages of face-to-face communication for complicated or personal conversation. Talk about the potential for miscommunication when conversations take place through various technologies - social media, text, etc. Compare to the use of signal flags; also mention other "old" technologies such as telegrams and morse code that provided short, simple messages.)
    See Activity Sheet or Attached Worksheet.

    Web Link: The U.S. Navy - International Signal Flags

    View/Download File: Signal Flags and Communication [Word]

    View/Download File: Signal Flags and Communication [PDF]

Activity Sheets

  • Do Now - A Reflection About Communication (Online/Onboard)

    Do Now

    Communication -- Online or Onboard

    You have probably heard advice that when you have something complicated to talk about with your friends, face-to-face conversation is usually better than through social media, text message, etc. 

    Throughout history there have been lots of methods of communicating from a distance.  Each method of communication is great for what it's intended for, but not always great for complicated conversations.

    Have you ever seen international signal flags?  These are flags that ships display to communicate with other ships that are far away, or to send messages to people on shore.  Each flag has a specific meaning.  Here are some examples of signal flags.  You can find more online: 

    FOR THIS ACTIVITY: Draw a cartoon or write a mini-short-story about communicating with signal flags.  You can use Future Quest Island characters (avatars) in your story or cartoon. 

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