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Edison Room Mural Project


  • Project TitleEdison Room Mural Project
  • ThemeExploring the history of the Brockton MA community based on Thomas Edison. Commemorate the history with a three panel mural designed by students.
  • Submitted ByLaura DeDonato, Nanette Shea, Adam Dackers, Adrienne Niccoli
  • OrganizationKeith 21st Century
  • Brief DescriptionStudents will create a mural based on the history of Thomas Edison. The mural will start with a small design that will be overlayed with a grid. This grid will be used to create and paint a large scale of the mural on three seperate panels. The panels will be installed on the walls in the "Edison Room" Conference Center in the Keith Center.
  • Materials / Resources- Paper
    - Pencils
    - Computers
    - Colored Pencils
    - Erasers
    - Paintbrushes
    - Paint in various colors
    - Smocks
    - Plywood
    - Window Shades
    - Yardsticks
    - Tape Measure
    - Water
  • Team membersNanette Shea (Supervisor), Laura DeDonato (Teacher, Professional Artist), Carmen Wong, Juan Feliciano, Faustino Mendes, Danny Gomes, Keisha Rodrigues
  • Pre-requisite knowledgeStudents have learned most everything they need to know about complementary and warm and cool colors. They will need some basic math skills which will be built upon during the program.
  • Technical support neededA professional artist will assist in scaling and materials. Custodial support will be needed to assist in the installation of the panels.
  • Any modifications or extensions for particular student populations?Any modifications were made as the project progressed. Graphic organizers and charts were used for colors and measuring.

Key Questions

  • Key QuestionsHow do complementary colors work with each other to make a piece of art work?

    How can historical figures be represented in works of art?

    How can you make a small design into a lifesized mural?
  • Connections: How or why was this topic identified? Why is it meaningful?This project demonstrated the historical connection between the Brockton community and the inventor Thomas Edison. Students from the community will research this history and depict it in an original design. The design will be overlayed with a grid to create a life sized mural to scale to be installed in the community conference room that had previously been dedicated to the dynamic inventor.
  • Background Research: What resources were used to find background information for this project?The resources used to find background information were various internet resources as well as art and color books.
  • Outcomes: What was the outcome? How was it shared or applied in the community?The students created a beautiful 3 paneled mural of Thomas Edison in his younger years, in his prime, and later in his life. They were installed in the Edison Conference Room in the Keith Center that is used by the entire community.
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Instructional Techniques

  • Discussion, Research, planning, sketching, painting.Students were asked to work collaboratively to plan out and create a mural design to represent the historical significance of Thomas Edison.

Assessment Techniques

  • - participation and attendance
    - knowledge of scale and proportion
    - knowledge of complementary colors and warm and cool colors
    - spatial reasoning

Tags = arts | Subject = Mathematics, History, Arts, CVTE | Grade Level = HS | Time Period = School Year | Program/Funding = 647 |
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